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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing New in iAd Technology

After the iPod,iPhone and the iPad now comes iAd.But this one is not a
hardware.Rather,it is a software dubbed by Steve Jobs as Apple's next
big thing.

The Apple CEO,in his announcement at the company headquarters in
Cupertino,California last April 7, introduced iAd as one of the many
features in iPhone OS4,a new version of the iPhone operating
system.The iPhone OS4 will be launched in June.

The ad platform would allow apps developers in Apple`s App Store to
include ads in their software.The developers will get 60% of the
revenue, while Apple who will sell the ads will get 40%.

Mobile ad spending continues to rise in the US and in other
countries.Research firm eMarketer reported US advertisers spent $416
million in mobile ads in 2009 and projected it to grow to at least
$1.5 billion in 2013.

Although the debut of iAd in mobile advertising is significant,there
is really nothing new in the technology.Several ad platform providers
had been in the service for quite sometime now.Most notable among them
is AdMob which was acquired by Google last year (The deal is currently
being reviewed by regulators.).

The only question of advertisers is how would the format of the new ad provider
from Apple differentiate itself from the other mobile advertising
platforms.How will it change the game as what the iPod did in getting
songs and music to the consumers?Is it really the next big thing Mr.
Jobs is talking about?

As for now we just have to contend with the additional details about
iAd published by Hill Holiday.The advertising agency had a meeting
with Apple explaining the iAd platform.

The agency revealed that all ads (in HTML5) will be built by the iAd
team at first.That the iAd will initially work on the iPhone and the
iPod Touch but later will also be available on the iPad.
As for the pricing scheme,Ilhya Verdashko of Hill Holiday said what
struck him is "it wa straight forward and elegant" and "it is (the pricing scheme)what
you would expect from a premier online property."

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