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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Save Money On Opera Mini 5

People using smartphones to surf the web should find Opera Mini 5 a big savings on their data plan subscription charges.This is an upgraded version of Opera Mini 4.2.
The browser is especially designed and developed for smartphones and PDAs by Opera Software company.It was officially launched on March 16 after being in beta version.
Opera Mini 5 can be downloaded on the company,s website ( free of charge.
If you have a mobile device with no wifi connectivity feature or you are paying your network provider on a per kilobyte basis on the data you consume from surfing the net,it would be wise to download and install Opera Mini 5.
OM5 compresses the webpage you are trying to load by 90% by using only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers,thereby reducing your data usage substantially.
Another great feature of OM5 is the password manager.When you login on one of your accounts on the internet a prompt will ask if you would like OM5 to remember your password so that the next time you log in you don't have to enter it again.
Although it is touted to be faster than other browsers in loading web pages on mobile devices,Opera Mini 5 is just about the same time speed as the default browser on most smartphones.But clicking on the back button will get you very quick on the previous page.
One more big thing about Opera Mini 5 is that it renders a full web page much like on a desktop.

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