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Thursday, March 10, 2011

6 Ways To keep Your Kids safe On The Web


Your kid's security on the Web must be of utmost priority. They are the most vulnerable when it comes to cyber bullying, scams, sexual offenders and other forms of abuse on the Internet. Parents should monitor, manage and administer their children's use of the computer to make sure they stay away from websites that wittingly or unwitting could pose some risks. Without proper guidelines children could easily fall victim to on line predators.

Here are 6 tips that would help protect your child from the dangers of the virtual world and ensure their safe and rewarding experience online:

1.) The first thing parents should do for their kid's online security is to position the computer in a place where they can see what their kids are doing over the Internet from time to time. They should also set a time limit for the use of the computer notably when playing online games.

2.) Learn the sites where your children most often go. See to it that the sites do not contain sexually explicit content or violent graphics and images inappropriate for their age. Check out also whether they are indulging in activities online with strangers who are out only to exploit your kids.

3.) Teach them the proper and responsible way of using Facebook and other social networks. Some sites have features that give users control of their profile and how or to whom they can share photos and other personal information. Urge your kids to utilize these controls.

4.) You can report to Google if your kid encounters abuse or inappropriate content on one of their products. In You Tube, you can click on the "Flag" link below a video which you think violates Google's Community Guidelines and they will review it for removal.

5.) When doing some school projects on the Web, your children should learn to distinguish between the real and not real. Not all you see, hear, or read on the Internet can be true. Educate your child to verify the information they find.

6.) Purchase parental-control software to keep your kids away from websites which they are not suppose to access. You can program the software in a way that restricts the children from "adult" sites but not necessarily block your own use of Internet.

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