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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Intrusion Prevention System Help Avert Lockheed Attack

The recent "significant and tenacious" cyber attack on Lockheed Martin's information system could not have been averted without an intrusion prevention system installed on their network.

Lockheed Martin is a big player in the global arms supply and the no. 1 defense contractor for the United States. Any breach on the company's network could heavily compromise their customers, program or their employee's personal information. But most of all, if the intrusion was successful it would have been a big problem for America as vital secrets on next generation as well as current weapons technology will be exposed.

A spokesman for Lockheed did not mention anything about IPS on their system but reported that "we have policies and procedures in place to mitigate the cyber threats to our business, and we remain confident in the integrity of our robust, multi-layered information systems security".

An intrusion prevention system is more than a firewall or antivirus software. IPS is both a hardware and software system that works inline along the network of a security infrastructure of a company. It has the capability to detect attacks coming from known and unknown sources, block the attack and make an alert.

The attack against Lockheed’s information system is believed to have originated at RSA, a division of technology giant EMC, when their SecurID tokens used by Lockheed employees for remotely accessing their data have been breached. Hackers could have made duplicates of the token keys out of the stolen data from RSA.

Most experts say it is virtually impossible for any company even with an up to date security solution to totally stop cyber espionage. But having an intrusion prevention system in place, an individual or company can rely on protection for their sensitive information which is far more effective than firewalls and antivirus combined.

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