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Monday, August 8, 2011

Snaptu: One Download Many Free Apps

Formerly known as Mobica, Snaptu is a free mobile application from an Israeli start up that can run on almost all types of Web enabled phones.It bundles all your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google Search among others in one single app. No matter what phone you have, with Snaptu you can enjoy ultra fast browsing, so you can save time; simple and easy to use.

The amazing array of functionality of Snaptu goes further by also allowing the users to add virtually any RSS feeds of any blogs and news sites be it Mashable, Technorati, CNN or BBC. You just type the URL of RSS feed then click the add button.

By January 2011 the application has already 27 million users around the world and still rising. On my own account it bundles more than 30 individual apps at present with some more room to spare.

The product's popularity can be attributed to the fact that it can run on almost any model of phones provided they can access the Internet. Snaptu runs on Java platform, so because of this content providers and application developers can able to write a one time application on Snaptu and then run it on the mobile web. So Snaptu does not run on the mobile phone but on the internet servers.

In March 2011 the company was acquired by Facebook for an estimated 60-70 million dollars. This only goes to show the growing importance of Snaptu on the social network industry. Facebook hopes to further expand its social network influence globally by putting its app on the most rudimentary phones on the market.

 To download  Snaptu  click here then install it on your phone.

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