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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Ugly New Facebook Chat Box

It seems the Facebook people are running out of innovative ideas or they are overdoing themselves, thinking that by changing the chat interface would be cool to users. I don't want to judge them so quickly but I can't help it when one of the features in Facebook which I often used suddenly becomes suck.

In the old Facebook chat box you could see all the friends who are online but in the new chat box even those who offline are appearing in the side bar. The problem is you no longer see all the 'friends' who are online. What you now see are the list of names of those whom you have "messaged recently or most number of times conversed with", whether they are online or not, according to Facebook sources.

The new chat interface was activated last July. So, probably by now there are already thousands of Facebook users ranting; calling for the return to the old chat box. Some are even saying the move was stupid and that Facebook will be going the way of My Space if they don't wise up
But fret no more chat lovers! I have searched and found how you can disable the new Facebook chat box and bring back the old good chat box. All you have to do is to download and install the extension for disabling the ugly new Facebook chat.
Choose the extension link for your browser:

For Firefox version click here

For Chrome version click here

For Opera version  click here

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