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Saturday, November 19, 2011

BeeCloud Gives 512Gb of Free Backup Just Like Backify

If you are one of those who had been a victim of the Backify-Livedrive dispute you might be wondering if there are other sites that offer huge amount of free backup solutions for your files.Well, there is and they also give 512Gb free back up and storage in the cloud just like Backify.

BeeCloud is a computer service based in Belgium, launched in August and is also a reseller of Livedrive.They say their mission is to provide computer users with simple, high-quality backup. The offer of free 512Gb is not a limited trial period but a full feature backup solution.

It is to be recalled that the rift between Backify and Livedrive became known when the latter sent emails to Backify costumers informing them that Backify is no longer their reseller and that any services provided by the company and powered by Livedrive have been terminated.

After a day or two Backify also sent emails to their  own costumers saying that they had asked Livedrive to closed their reseller account because of dissatisfaction on their services and that at no point they also asked for the closure of their costumers as well.

But all of that is already water under the bridge and the people who were affected should look for an alternative or substitute for Backify. This is where BeeCloud comes in.

The company in which BeeCloud resells for is a popular cloud storage service provider and they are seem to be proud of it.

BeeCloud uses all of Livedrive's software and their web interface for upload/downloading files, this means that as a BeeCloud user you get any and all security features of LiveDrive.They also claim to use encryption and SSL connections when transferring data.

The free account is only for personal use and does not allow for sharing files.You can create only 1 free account per email address and 1 per IP address.

A few days ago I registered for the BeeCloud's  free account to avail of the massive 512 Gb backup solution and give the service a test to see if they really mean what they say.

If you want to also make it a try you can go to BeeCloud's registration page: BeeCloud registration page

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